Our Beit Medrash

Our Beit Medrash is actively involved in some of the most comprehensive research and study of medical halacha and medical ethics in the world today. During the years of their medical school studies, our students spend the afternoon and evening in the Beit Medrash.

The focus of the afternoon seder is on limud halacha b’iyun – in-depth analysis of fundamental principles in medical halacha. The focus during evening seder are issues in medical ethics, hashkafa and hands-on research of emerging medical technologies and the halachic questions they introduce.

The time spent in the Beit Medrash is structured towards a unique Certificate that the students earn in Halacha V’Refuah.

The learning in our Beit Medrash is not simply an academic or theoretical exercise. Our rich, stimulating and technologically advanced environment creates an atmosphere of “Torat Chaim” – Torah that is alive, actual and tangible. Our students work on real-life questions that they encounter throughout their medical school experience, publish articles in the leading Torah journals and benefit from ongoing exposure to world-renown experts in all areas of halacha and medicine.

Sample Curriculum Learned B’iyun:

  • Pikuach Nefesh and the obligation to save lives
  • Medical care on Shabbat
  • Operating a hospital in accordance with Halacha
  • Organ donation and transplant
  • Medical and Halachic principles of Brit Milah
  • Parenthood in Halacha
  • End of life in Halacha

Sample Evening Seder Curriculum:

  • Authority and responsibility of the doctor in Halacha
  • Halachic standing of the patient
  • Medical training in Halacha
  • Medical malpractice in Halacha
  • Genetics in Halacha
  • Medicine in Jewish thought
  • Emerging artificial intelligence technologies and their halachic implications

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