The Beit Medrash Govoha for Medical Halacha is the place for B’nei Torah who strive to excel in their medical profession and in their lives as leaders in medical halacha.

The flexible nature of the program makes it ideal for students at all stages of their medical training and careers:

  • First-year medical students – Students who are qualified to apply to the Technion American Medical School Program can join the Beit Medrash Govoha for Medical Halacha and combine their medical school studies with regular sedarim the Beit Medrash
  • Medical students who want to take a year off to learn in the Beit Medrash – Students enrolled in other medical schools (outside the Technion) who wish to take time off in the middle of their medical school studies can join the Beit Medrash Govoha for Medicaal Halacha. Not only will these students be full members of the Beit Medrash, but they will also participate in coordinated research opportunities during this time. Note that the time spent in the Beit Medrash will not be considered for elective credits unless the participants have a physician sponsor in their medical school that recognizes our Beit Medrash program as a valid elective program. 
  • Students pursuing other professions in the field of medicine – The Beit Medrash Govoha for Medical Halacha is not limited to those pursuing an actual MD. B’nei Torah studying to be nurses, medical center chaplains or other related roles in the medical field are also welcome to apply to join our Beit Medrash
  • Experienced physicians – The Beit Medrash is also not limited to those still in school. An experienced or retired physician who is interested in advancing his studies and knowledge in the area od medical ethics and medical halacha is encouraged to contact us and join our Beit Medrash

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