Our Vision

Our generation needs more than ordinary doctors.

We need extraordinary leaders in all areas of medicine and medical halacha

In today’s rapidly evolving world, the Jewish doctor has the dual responsibility to be professionally skilled while also becoming a learned talmid chacham capable of tackling the complex issues in medical ethics and halacha that he will undoubtedly face.

And even for those not practicing medicine professionally, the interface between medicine and halacha is more relevant than ever before in light of technological advancements and new social trends.

The Beit Medrash Govoha for Medical Halacha is a global community of Rabbanim, Poskim, research institutions, scientists, medical professionals and lay leaders, creating a worldwide network for Medical Halacha.

We have created a virtual and physical Makom Torah focused on the advancement of Medical Halacha and the interface between halacha, biotechnology and medical ethics.

Our many initiatives include online courses and other resources, conferences, as well as a physical Beis Medrash for medical students in Israel.

Join our worldwide community today.

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