Medical Halacha Chaburas

Introducing the Medical Halacha Chabura Initiative

The Medical Halacha Chabura is a global initiative to facilitate in-depth, clear, guided study of the most fundamental and relevant topics in Medical Halacha. A curriculum has been developed and will be accessible to anyone who wants to participate and learn the main sugyos related to the most fundamental and pressing issues in medical halacha today.

The Medical Halacha Chaburas is a virtual limud that follows a single, unified pace and curriculum. All content is accessible to participants online.

This innovative, clear format makes this important limud accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world.

How to Get Started

  1. Register and create an account (free of charge)
  2. You will receive emails from us with links to access the mekoros booklets and shiurim
  3. Physical copies of the mekoros books can be purchased on Amazon if/as needed

These are the options available for accessing the mekoros books and other relevant materials:

Interested in Starting a Chabura in Your Community?

The chaburas are designed to be accessible for individuals to learn on their own, as well as with a chavrusa or a chabura who want to learn the sugyos together. Several communities have already initiated these local chaburas for themselves. If you would like to do so in your community please contact us so we can help facilitate and support this in any way we can. Send us an email at

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